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Release date : 06/03/2024
Music Collection - 7.96MB

md5: 1EFE27E01DA24FC3D0047427BA2BF07C
sha1: 2883DCB0BEAF2B51AE8E14796A85E00570E86196
sha256: 9C65049C462BA048B90CF2A3BB37F80438328B1C57749D731B6E59DA32D0788E

Portable edition - 7.91MB

md5: F2A9209B7508E7BBCDAF51885E849A5F
sha1: 642C565B9403DF73929069DAD1AA9011E61609E9
sha256: E4D5BDF421F8221DD3F4222C114C1FE620987E862F3CCA98546E8CC88C1D2EFD
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What's new
06 03 2024
Released build

  • Added : Ability to insert an additional album art.
  • Added : MusicBrainz link on album save.
  • Added : Instruments field in the advanced album search.
  • Fixed : Album list sorting problem.
  • Fixed : Some minor bugs.

04 24 2024
Released build

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