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Release date : 01/27/2021
Music Collection - 7.64MB

md5: 189932170749552303B2216292AD60B4
sha1: 7F7440074E9B4C622D3EB8147FCAAE0BB9736E5B
sha256: 3056FFC580A3CBF682928328E687AFB2DB70FBB4A59012B4EA3292EA517A2E74

Portable edition - 7.58MB

md5: F6D8CD42DE269A71908828E60B867159
sha1: 496591F01DFB7CD6F809F3577271069C7669C281
sha256: BC5DB8D564DBDA9B2B1F1E8F9AF8DF1E4974AE5BEE66AB185506D5289089E86D
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Music Collection

Album management software


The Music Collection is a free program that allows you to archive your music collection. Using it you can enter in a collection any kind of music media that you own or you intend to. You can add or edit any kind of information concerning the albums in the collection, no matter if it's composed of CDs, LPs, tapes or audio files.

The album info can be manually entered or automatically via the Internet. Many different ways are offered for collecting the album related information without any typing.
The search can be done by just giving the album artist and title, or the barcode number, or the catalog number, or by inserting in the disc drive the album CD. The user can also scan any PC folder for audio files and add the album information by the file tags.

After saving the albums, you can browse them, sort them by any field or combination of fields and filter albums by all possible criteria.
Music Collection comprises all the tools needed by the user for managing in the most effective way your music albums. It can display and print all the collection data, export albums, import albums, generate reports, and many more.

Program requirements

  • MS Windows(XP/VISTA/7/8/10) 32-64bit
  • Minimum hard disk space 20MB or more
  • CD-ROM or DVD disc drive
What's new
01 27 2021
Released build

  • Added : "Packaging" and "Bought from" fields in batch value change.
  • Added : Ability to add new packaging types.
  • Added : Invert track order.
  • Added : "Single" field to the extra album features.
  • Changed : Improved the web search-Add to saved album function.

01 14 2021
Released build

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